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They are among the most prolific breeds, with each goose laying between 40 and 100 eggs a year. That’s twice the average production of some other goose breeds, and they start laying earlier. For best results, provide each gander with several geese, to a maximum of six, rather than a 1-to-1 ratio. Keeping fewer ganders and more geese reduces competition in the flock.

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White Chinese Geese For Sale

White Chinese Geese are pure white with a distinctive knob on the top of their beaks. They are the best layers of all the geese, and weigh several pounds smaller than the Toulouse geese — averaging 10-15 pounds. These geese are very hardy, beautiful, make good ‘watch dogs’, and their eggs hatch well.

The Chinese goose originated in China from the wild Asiatic Swan Goose. The earliest record of Chinese geese in America dates back to George Washington, who received a pair of Chinese Geese from Governor Morris in 1788.


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