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Buy Welsh Harlequin Duck

Welsh Harlequin Ducks are a fairly new breed, developed by Leslie Bonnett in Wales from two lighter colored Khaki Campbells ducklings in 1949. The Welsh Harlequin came to the United States in 1968 and was accepted into the light duck class in the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection in 2001. They are a beautiful bird, especially the feather patterns and colors on the females.

Today, the Welsh Harlequin is very popular dual-purpose duck breed. Hens are excellent egg producers and make good broody mothers. The Welsh Harlequin also makes an outstanding meat bird.

Welsh Harlequin Ducks are calm, inquisitive, and excellent foragers. They also are easily sexed with high accuracy just after hatching by their bill color — males have a darker bill, while females have light colored bills with a dark spot at the end. This distinction can only be seen just after hatching, and disappears after a few days.

Welsh Harlequin Ducks will average 4.5-5.5 lbs. at maturity.


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