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Ringneck Doves


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Ringneck Doves For Sale

The Ringneck Dove is one of the most commonly kept companion doves. Ringneck Doves are gentle birds that are about 12 inches long and are known for their distinctive colored collar or ring around the back of their necks. Their average lifespan, when well cared for, is 5-10 years.

These doves are prolific breeders and are very hardy. It is recommended to let them rest for a few months after two or three clutches. Doves move about by flying back and forth and need a wide cage with ample space. Caged doves also need a way to bathe. Doves, like other poultry, need grit in their diet as well as calcium during breeding season.

Ringneck Doves make a constant and soothing cooing sound, similar to a pigeon.


Ringneck Doves


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