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Ring Teal Ducks


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Ring Teal Ducks For Sale

Buy Ring Teal Duck (Callonetta leucophrys) — also called the Ringed Teal Duck — is one of the smallest duck breeds. These spry little waterfowl are very popular as they are good breeders, colorful year round, and require only a small aviary or pen and a small pond. They can kept in a  mixed flock, but they can be bullied by larger and more aggressive breeds because of their small size.

Male Ring Teal Ducks have a blue bill, a speckled pink breast, and a light tan head with a black crown line that extends down to the base of its neck. Males also have dark, chestnut backs and gray flanks and teal green feathers that can be seen during flight. Female Ringed Teals are more muted with olive-brown back, a barred chest, white blotches on its head, and a dark tail. Ringed Teals have pale pink legs and clawed feet that allow them to perch in trees. One unique characteristic of these tiny ducks is the males and female have different calls — males make a soft whistling noise and females make more of a harsh quack sound.

Ring Teals are called “dabbling” ducks. Dabbling means they swim near the surface do not dive or submerge themselves under water. Instead, they feed by making shallow dives, leaving their tails above water. Ring Teals prefer to live near secluded ponds, streams, marshy areas with nearby forests. They are omnivores, feeding on aquatic plants, insects, seeds, small fish, and snails.

Ringed Teals form strong pair bonds, but they do not necessarily mate for life. They nest in holes or hollow areas in trees and lay an average of about 6-10 eggs. At hatch, the ducklings follow their parents from the nest to the water and eat on their own. They can fly at just under 2 months of age. The average life span of a Ring Teal Duck is about 13 years.


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