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Reeves Pheasants


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Reeves Pheasants (Syrmaticus reevesii) are a large Chinese breed of ornamental pheasants named for the British naturalist John Reeves.

Reeves Pheasants do not sport a crest or wattles, but their very long, barred tails and markings make up for it. The male (cock) Reeves Pheasant has a white head with a black mask across its face and eyes, and a black ring around its neck. On its body, its feathering is primarily dark, golden in color — with some white on its wings — rimmed with black penciling, and a dark chestnut breast. The female (hen) Reeves Pheasant is mottled and much more pale than the male, with a a cream-colored head and a brown cap and masking around the eyes and head.

The Reeves Pheasant is a hardy gamebird which prefers an open woodland, and tolerates both hot and cold temperatures. In more captive environments, allow for more space as their long tails can break when kept in too small of an area. The Reeves does well in aviaries of over 250 square feet.

Male Reeves Pheasants can be aggressive toward humans and other animals and pheasants, especially during breeding season. During breeding season — in April or May — they prefer higher ground for nesting and hens will often lay up to 14 eggs in a clutch.


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