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Pilgrim Geese


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Pilgrim Geese For Sale U.K

Pilgrim Geese were developed in the early 1900s in Iowa. Pilgrim Geese are a calm, quiet breed and are excellent foragers.

These are one of the few American breeds of geese, and the only domestic goose breed in which you can distinguish males from females at any age. Day-old male Pilgrim Geese are yellow and light gray with lighter colored bills. Day-old female Pilgrim Geese are a deeper gray/green with a darker colored bill. Adult males are white with touches of gray on their rump and/or wings. Adult female Pilgrim Geese are gray like a Toulouse, but often with white on their head and faces.

Mature female Pilgrim Geese will average around 13 pounds, lay an average of 20-35 eggs per year, are very calm and make good mothers. Egg fertility is lower than other breeds in our experience, averaging just around 55% over the complete season. Males average around 15 pounds.


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