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Muscovy Duck


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Black Muscovy Duck for sale

NEW! Black Muscovy Ducks, like the White Muscovy, are popular for both eggs and meat. Muscovy ducks have risen in popularity recently as a dual-purpose duck breed. As a meat bird, their meat is 98% fat free, and not greasy like other duck meat and said to be similar to a sirloin steak.

Black is the native color of wild Muscovy, where the white variety was bred over time by the commercial industry for easier processing. Black Muscovy are not 100% black. They will be generally black with a greenish hue in sunlight, and some white on their heads and neck.

The Muscovy Duck is the one domestic breed that was not derived from the Mallard. Muscovy are large, perching waterfowl. They are calm and quiet. Muscovy hens are average egg layers, but make excellent mothers to their young. Interestingly, Muscovy eggs take longer to hatch than other duck breeds, taking 35 days versus the usual 28 days. Male drakes are nearly double the size of females, which makes it easier to identify males as they grown. Drakes and hens often share nests and hatching duties between them. Muscovy are often kept for natural insect control on farms and homesteads.


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