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Midget White Turkeys For Sale


The Midget White is a breed of domestic turkey named for its white plumage and small stature. The breed is the smallest standard variety of turkey, and with toms at roughly 13 lbs and hens 8-10 lbs, it weighs only slightly more than the largest chickens.

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The Midget White Turkey is a small, broad-breasted variety of fowl which looks like a miniature version of a commercial Broad Breasted White turkey. The Midget White was originally developed for the smaller turkey market in the early 1960s by Dr. J. Robert Smyth at the University of Massachusetts, and then later by Dr. Bernie Wentworth at the University of Wisconsin. This small turkey was developed by crossing a commercial Broad Breasted White Turkey and an exhibition Royal Palm. Today the breed is considered rare and is listed as ‘watch’ by The Livestock Conservancy.

The babies are dull yellow, some spots (look dirty), darker head with orange beaks

Mature Midget White toms average just 18-20 lbs., and hens average 10-12 lbs.


Fertilize Eggs (a dozen), Chicks (unsexed), Adult Male, Adult Female


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