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Mandarin Ducks – chicks


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Mandarin Ducks – Chicks for Sale

Rocky mandarin duck chicks (5 days after hatching), includes tags of mandarin duck, bird, birds

Easy to care for, easy to raise and arguably one of the worlds most beautiful birds, no wonder Mandarin Ducks are our top selling ducks. Available in brilliant normal coloration or in the elegant white color mutation these birds are sure to add some beauty to your water. Mandarins like their cousin the wood duck are great birds for beginners. They are cold hardy and can be kept in a mixed collection. The Mandarin Duck often will breed their first spring. They will use a raised style box for nesting. For best fertility it is recommend to keep mandarins in pairs. Mandarins are a nervous duck in the  aviary but not as nervous as the wood duck. They also like to have perches and hiding places. If kept on open water it is  recommended that Mandarin Ducks be kept pinioned or at least that they be kept wing clipped.


Female, Male, unsexed


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