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Lady Amherst Pheasants


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Lady Amherst Pheasants For Sale

Lady Amherst Pheasants (Chrysolophus amherstiae) are named for Lady Sarah Amherst who first introduced these ornamental pheasants on her estate — near Woburn Abbey, just outside London, England — where they were used for game and breeding.

Lady Amherst pheasants are native to southwestern China and far northern Myanmar. Adult males are approximately 40-48 inches long, with its tail measuring up to 31 inches. of the bird’s total length. The bird has a spectacular and unique appearance with a black and white nuchal cape and a red crest, a long grey tail with red, blue, dark green, white and yellow plumage underneath. The Lady Amherst is closely related to the Golden Pheasant, but with yellow eyes and blue-green bare skin around them, a horn-colored bill, and blue-gray legs. The female is much less colorful with mottled-brown plumage — similar to a female common pheasant, but with finer barring. Female Lady Amherst pheasants are similar to the female Golden Pheasant, but with a darker head.

Lady Amherst Pheasants feed on the ground and eat grain, leaves and invertebrates, and roost in trees at night. These pheasants prefer to run rather than fly.


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