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Juvenile Blue Scale Quail


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Blue Scale Quail (also called scaled quail, blue quail, or cottontop quail) is native to the destert Southwest United States and Mexico. The Blue Scale Quail gets its name from it’s scale-looking feather pattern. These small blue-gray birds are also identified by the white tips on their crests. Like the Gambel and California Valley quail, Blue Scale are active and nervous little birds, so we recommend ample area in their pen for them to move around and areas such as grasses or bushes so they can hide. Blue Scale Quail are considered non-aggressive and can be run with other species during non-breeding season.  

We recommend a quality gamebird feed when feeding quail.

These Juvenile California Valley Quail are sold in pairs and are 6-8 months old.

Juvenile gamebirds are not pinioned and can fly.


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