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Impeyan Pheasants


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Impeyan Pheasants are beautiful birds with irridescent and colorful wings and neck. Sometimes referred to as the “nine-colored bird,” these birds are a mix of green, purple, red and blue. They are known for making a shrill whistle sound.

The adult male Impeyan Pheasant has a long, metallic-green crest simliar to a peacock, a bare patch of turquoise blue skin around its eyes, reddish copper on its back and neck, black breast and underside, and a prominent white back and rump that is visible during flight. The tail feathers are copper colored with darker coloring on the ends. Female Impeyan Pheasants are more dull-colored than the males, but they are still very attractive. Their upper area is covered with brownish-black feathers. Their throat is white and they have a short crest. Their lower tails are white, barred with black and reddish brown. Females also have the same blue patch around the eyes like the males.

Impeyan Pheasants breed well in captivity and can be good parents. They start breeding in their second year, and the season usually starts in late April. They will tend to nest on the ground or a hole in a rock face, with an average clutch of 3-5 eggs, but sometimes as many as 23. The incubation period is 28 days. Impeyan Pheasants eat seeds, poultry layer pellets and greens.


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