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Green Winged Teal Duck


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Green Winged Teal Duck For Sale

The Green Winged Teal Duck (Anas carolinensis) is the smallest of the North American dabbling ducks. These small, blocky ducks are just 12 inches long, can weigh just 11 ounces and can live 20-30 years. The Green Winged Teal Duck is commonly found throughout North America. They prefer a mixed prairie and wetland area and are frequently found in open fields, brush, and wooded areas near water. According to Ducks Unlimited, this breed is often seen in Alaska, across Canada, south into central California, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin. They have an extensive migratory range and are found as far south as Central America in the Winter.

The Green Winged Teal Duck is a cold hardy breed, quite tame, and easy to raise. An enclosed aviary is recommended as these tiny ducks are very agile fliers and will fly off. They are extremely small and can fit through openings as small as two inch openings such as aviary netting and wiring, so it a smaller and finer netting is recommended. Green Winged Teals are easy to keep and breed, and they compatible with other species of waterfowl — but be careful with larger or more aggressive waterfowl to ensure these smaller birds are not bullied or pecked. The Green Winged Teal is a dabbling duck and will forage in shallow water. Their diet is mostly plant-based and they will forage on land. A commercial duck or waterfowl feed is recommended.

Green Winged Teal drakes have a chestnut-colored head with an iridescent green patch from its eyes to the nape of its neck, a pinkish-brown chest with black speckles, and the back, gray sides and back separated from the chest with a white stripe. Its small bill is dark slate and it has dark gray legs and feet. Females are less vibrant and are a mottled brown with a dark brown line that extends from their bill through their eye.

These ducks will breed in early Spring. They prefer to next on the ground in a private and protected area, and will sometimes use a nest box on the ground. The females will lay about 6-12 eggs. She will also tend to her young, but ducklings will eat on their own right away.


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