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Geese/Gosling Eggs


GOOSE HATCHING EGGS: Free Range Embden And Toulouse. Our flock of geese enjoy fresh streams and acres of grass.

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We hatch our own Free Range geese every year on our farm and it is these same egg stock that we share with you here. They enjoy fresh streams and acres of grass.

Our latest test fertility rate (Nov 2022) is 80%.  We check our fertility rates regularly through the laying season.  Buying more eggs will increase your chances of success. We can’t guarantee fertility.

These are mixed variety goose eggs.  Our goose breeds are Embden, Toulouse and hybrids of these two breeds. We have several active ganders in a ratio conducive to maximise fertility.

    • Freshest laid eggs provided for you (8-48 hour laid)
    • Carefully individually selected for maximum chance of hatchability (not all fertile eggs are good to hatch)
    • Carefully hand prepared
    • Carefully packed in clean, home-compostable packaging
    • Package clearly externally marked as fragile (using paper fragile tape) and box marked on 4 sides for orientation.
    • We help you along the way within our Facebook Group ‘Home Farm Customer Hatching Stories’ where you can also see other customers experiences.
    • Postage** – We use Royal Mail Tracked 24 service so you can see where your eggs are all along their journey to you.  Should you prefer not to take the risk of postal delay, we have provided an option for you to choose Royal Mail Special Delivery.
    • Packaging – we are proud to say that we do not use any polystyrene or plastic packaging. All our packaging is home compostable.
    • Collection – you may collect your eggs from us. They can be collected from our shed-shop 24/7/365. There is no requirement for contact. We will email you to let you know when they are ready for collection.


🐣 Have Fun Hatching! 🐣



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