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Demoiselle Crane


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Demoiselle Crane For Sale

The Demoiselle Crane are the smallest of the crane species and can be found in the wild in central Asia, South Asia, and Africa. The breed’s name dates back to Marie Antoinette who felt they looked like elegant damsels, or pretty maidens.

Demoiselles are a pale, silver-blue with black on their wings and tails and a long white stripe from their eyes to the back of their head. Males and females are similar in appearance — females tend to be slightly smaller. These birds have a loud trumpeting call, and like other cranes, they perform an elaborate dancing display during mating. Males and females will mate for life once they have reached maturity.

Demoiselles have successfully been kept in captivity and can live longer than 27 years — sometimes over 60 years — however, they are not for the beginner or inexperienced bird enthusiast. Demoiselle Cranes reach maturity at approximately five years of age. Adult birds will be approximately one meter high, and weigh between 4 and 7 pounds.

Demoiselle Cranes need at least 150 square feet of well-protected aviary space per bird — preferably as much space as possible. They do require indoor winter shelter and supplemental heat if temperatures are freezing or below for more than a weeky.

In the wild, Demoiselles eat a wide varied diet of plants, bugs, seeds, nuts, and even small animals. We recommend a commercial crane diet and supplementing with peanuts, greens, mealworms, fruit, and small fish. 

Demoiselle Crane juveniles are one year or younger. Adults are one year or older.


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