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Call Ducks


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Are you looking for a new addition to your flock? Call Ducks might be the answer for you. At Farms, we offer healthy Call Ducklings for sale. This duck breed is perfect for anyone seeking the joy of pet duck ownership. We have seven different colors of Call Ducklings that you can choose from: Black, Blue, Gray, Pastel, Penciled, Snowy and White. Call Ducks are perfect for the hobbyist that wants beautiful and charming ducks but has little space.

The exact origins of Call Ducks is debatable, but it is believed they were developed in the Netherlands in the 17th or 18th century. They were initially bred to lure or “call” wild ducks into traps or nets. The small size and loud quacking of Call Ducks made them effective decoys. Hunters used them to attract wild ducks closer, making it easier to catch wild waterfowl for food and sport.

Please note, Call Ducks can fly very well and because of this, we do not insure this breed. Historically Call Ducks have been bred with short, wide heads (brachycephalic) and short bills. Here at Farms, we are not going to stray from the APA guidelines, but we aim to breed a naturally shaped duck – just much smaller. We feel this will allow them to be more productive in terms of fertility, longevity and hatchability.


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