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Buy Buff Laced Polish Chicken


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Buff Laced Polish Chicken For Sale Near Me

Buy Buff Laced Polish are very rare breed of chickens. Polish chickens are a European breed known for their distinctive crests, or “top hats.” Polish chickens are gentle and docile, but their crests can limit their vision making them timid and easily startled.

These birds have rich, golden buff feathers neatly laced in creamy white, and dainty slate blue shanks and toes. The flowing crests and sprightly carriage make them one of the most prized breeds.
Our Buff Laced Polish come in two varieties: bearded and non-bearded. However, we do not list them separately. Orders will usually include some of both.
Buff Laced Polish hens are good, productive white egg layers and rarely go broody and non-setters. Day-old baby chicks are a creamy buff color with a dark tan mark over each eye.



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