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Blueface Hatch


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The Blueface Hatch is one of the legendary gamefowl breeds that has stood the test of time among broodstock breeders, and its offshoot, the Blueface Hatch has gained its own following among gamefowl aficionados looking for a good fighter. Ted McLean retired from the gamefowl competition in December of 1954.

In the early thirties, Mr. E.S. Hatch and Mr. E.T. McLean were on the floor of the stock exchange as colleagues and were sharing some gamefowl for crossing to find that perfect fighter. At the time, the Hatch stock consisted of four basic bloodlines. These were the Kearney make up of the two strains Mike Kearney brought from Ireland, namely (1) the “beasty” Breasted Light Reds (Whitehackles) and (2) the Brown Breasted Reds, plus (3) the Herman Duryea fowl (commonly called Boston Roundheads) which he added when he worked for Mr. Duryea. With these 3 bloodlines, Mr. Hatch crossed into a fourth, the green leg Thompson (Jim Thompson) fowl. The created progeny of the Mclean Hatch, Ted himself considered as ‘straight stuff’ gamefowl or cocks with gameness, toughness, and power—the mark of the Hatch bloodline.

While the first McLean Hatches did not win all the time, they were admired by many for their aggressive, no-holds-barred attitude and suicide attack mode.

Fighting Style
Blueface Hatch is fast, terrific bucklers, hard hitters, deadly cutters, and aggressive finishers. Their legs reached out a mile with every stroke, they deliver their blows with a snap, and every punch lands where it counts most.


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