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Named for the striking blue slate color of their plumage , blue slate turkeys are often kept as pets and entered into poultry exhibitions. They are also raised for their meat.

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Blue Slate Turkeys

Blue Slate Turkeys are named for their ash blue coloring. Blue Slates — also called Blue or Lavender turkeys — can have a few black flecks on their feathering. Hens are lighter in coloring than toms. Like the Blue Andalusian, the blue gene can produce several colors: solid black, solid blue and blue flecked with black spots. Often Blue Slates are a combination of these colors.

The babies are gray with brown tinges.

The Blue Slate is a rare, Heritage breed fowl and a very old breed — recognized as a standard breed in the U.S. in 1874. These beautiful birds are medium-sized. Young toms will average 23 lbs., and young hens will average 14 lbs.


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