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Blue Runner Duck For Sale


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Blue Runner Duck For Sale

Blue Runner Ducks are tall, slender waterfowl with an vertical stance. The Blue Runner Ducks, like other varieties of Indian Runner Ducks, have a slightly nervous temperament and tend to run clustered together as a group. Runner Ducks varieties include the Fawn and White, Chocolate, Blue and Black. The Chocolate and Black varieties will breed true, however the Blue will not as only 50% of the offspring of ducks and other waterfowl and poultry that carry a blue gene will be blue.

Runner Ducks are relatively small waterfowl (averaging just 3-4 pounds), good foragers and are a very interesting addition to any farm or homestead. Runner Ducks are good layers, averaging about 100-180 eggs per year. Runner Duck eggs are good sized, averaging 65-80 grams, and about 75% of Chocolate Runner Duck eggs will be bluish in color. Chocolate Runner Ducks have a good fertility rate (86%) but make poor/fair mothers to their ducklings.

Indian Runner Ducks were actually developed in Southeast Asia, not India, and bred for egg production and mobility. These uniquely appearing ducks — sometimes referred to as ‘Penguin Ducks’ or ‘Bottle Neck Ducks’ — have long, slender bodies and a vertical posture. Runners do not waddle like other ducks but move upright with a quick step.


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