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Runners were originally bred in Southeast Asia for high egg production and excellent mobility. These ducks are still being used as they were then. Flocks of ducks are herded daily from field to field eating waste rice, weed seeds, insects, slugs, and other bugs.

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Black Runner Ducks

Black Runner Ducks are tall, slender, dark black waterfowl with an upright stance. The Black Runner Ducks, like other colors of Runners, have a slightly nervous temperament and tend to run clustered together as a group.

Runner Ducks are relatively small waterfowl (averaging just 3-4 pounds), good foragers and are a very interesting addition to any farm or homestead. Runner Ducks are good layers, averaging about 100-180 eggs per year. Runner Duck eggs are good sized, averaging 65-80 grams, and about 70% of Black Runner Duck eggs will be bluish in color. Black Runner Ducks have a good fertility rate (84%) but make poor/fair mothers to their ducklings.

Indian Runner Ducks were actually developed in Southeast Asia, not India, and bred for egg production and mobility. These uniquely appearing ducks — sometimes referred to as ‘Penguin Ducks’ or ‘Bottle Neck Ducks’ — have long, slender bodies and a vertical posture. Runners do not waddle like other ducks but move upright with a quick step. Runner Ducks varieties include the Fawn and White, Chocolate, Blue and Black. The Black and Chocolate varieties will breed true.


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